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This page is based on a QUESTION followed by an ANSWER format.

Q1. Why is it that some features seem disabled?

What's the difference between the SHAREWARE version and the REGISTERED version and the PRO version?

A1. Unless you register or get the PRO version of  A1-TurboView, then some features will be disabled. In order to see what additional features the different versions have, then CLICK HERE.

Q1. Why is it that after I UN-CHECKED all of the file types associations in the setup screen, I STILL can't install a NEWER version of Turbo View?

A1. Well, since the first couple of versions of Turbo View didn't keep track of what version it was, the newer versions that try to install can't DETECT what the older version was. This creates a little catch-22 scenario. To get around this problem, I have written a PATCH that will FORCE your system into a state as though you had never installed Turbo View. IE: After running the patch, you may Run the new Turbo View without any install problems :)  You can get the patch here or you can go to the download page.

Q2. Why is it that my pictures look funny (solarized) when displayed. It seems like all the colors do weird stuff. Sometimes the picture looks bad and sometimes I can't even make out the picture and then sometimes it looks perfect!

A2. This is because you are in 256 color mode (8 bit), try changing your display properties to 16 bit or 24 bit or 32 bit. You will be pleased. I am currently working on fixing this. The problem arises because in 256 color mode, a color PALETTE has to be constantly updated and Delphi was supposed to do that for me. Apparently not :(   So, for now I have no fix.

Q3. In the README.TXT file it says you can do cool things with the SENDTO feature of File Manager(Explorer). How do I get TurboView to be in the SENDTO list?

A3. This is fairly EZ. The best way to create the Shortcut is to go to the TurboView folder. Then start to drag the TURBOVIEW.EXE program. Move it about an inch or so, so that you get the
drag/drop icon showing. Then HOLD DOWN on the CTRL and SHIFT keys. You should see
the drag/drop icon become the "shortcut" arrow:) Then let go of the mouse button. It should then create the SHORTCUT right in the Turboview folder. Then MOVE the SHORTCUT into your Windows SENDTO folder. On most systems that would be located in:


Once you have dropped it into there, you can use the SENDTO feature of File Manager to display your pics. Just click on the files you want to look at then right click, then pick SENDTO, then pick TurboView and POOF you will become happyfied.

Q3. Why is it that when I choose the UN-INSTALL function, it does NOT return to my default viewers for my different picture types? Also it seems that even though it doesn't show them as checked anymore, if I double click on a picture, it STILL LOADS TURBOVIEW as the default viewer?

A3.  If you are using Win95, the registry is setup a little different than Win98. I am working on this. Hopefully by TurboView 2.0 this will be fixed. Until then, you can go to Windows Explorer and click on View/Options/FileTypes and set the default viewer to what you want.

Q4. Why is it that when I load TurboView a lot of the buttons appear BLANK or maybe goofy looking.

A4.  If you are using Win95/98 and have NOT applied any patches, it's probable that you have an OLD BUGGY version of a system file. The file is called COMCTL32.DLL and is found in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder. You need to download the latest version of this file. You can locate it on the Microsoft site at: and do a search on it. Then download it and and make sure it installs into the \Windows\System folder!