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FTP (Upload & Download) Client Software

Auto-Web Page Creation & Publishing

A1-TurboView is a FAST & EASY Multithreaded FTP Client software program, allows many upload and download transfers at same time. FTP Explorer like interface for EZ use. Supports drag/drop: can drag files into the FTP window for uploading. Support for both types of FTP UNIX servers, DOS/NT/2000, AS-400, Multi-NET FTP sites. Supports FTP RESUME mode downloading. Supports FTP PROXY. FTP transfers show graphical display of transfer so you can tell quickly which transfers are bottlenecked. You can THROTTLE speed of each FTP transfer too. Supports the INDEX.TXT type of description files many servers use, so a description appears next to each filename! You can rename, delete, add folders and files. With one click, you can upload/maintain web sites automatically. It KNOWS what files go into what folders! You can also turn the FTP cache on for faster folder listing display.

TurboView has many other features too

TurboView has IMAGE VIEWing, IMAGE EDITing, IMAGE PRINTing , IMAGE Scanning,  AUTO-WEB Page Creation, FTP file transferring, IMAGE Searching,  IMAGE DataBase management, IMAGE moving/copying/deleting capabilities. Plus a a whole lot more.. Just as a NOTE: TurboView allows the viewing of images in a THUMBNAIL type of view. You can also set the size of the ThumbNails to whatever you like:) If you have sensitive file that you wish others NOT to be able to see or play, then you can use the Password Protection feature so that prying eyes won't be able to see them.  If you want to convert from one format to another, then use our Image Format Conversion feature. It also allows you to categorize  your files into ALBUMS. It can do SCREEN-CAPTURE and creation of WALL-PAPER too.

TurboView is designed for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

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FTP Web Tool Features
There are lots of FTP programs out there that allow you to upload and download files from various FTP sites on the Internet. Our FTP TOOL allows you to view the remote site JUST LIKE your hard drive. You get to see folders and you double-click on folders to open them up etc... You can sort by filesize or date or filename etc.. Then you can hi-lite a bunch of files and then download them to your system. You can even upload, if the FTP site allows uploads.



Special Features:

If you are behind a firewall or proxy, there is built in support for that. Also, you can THROTTLE the speed of the downloads. Basically, you can control how fast the downloads take place so that you can be in control of how much of your bandwidth is being consumed.  You can also RESUME broken downloads. So if you have been downloading a big file and then you lose connection, NO PROBLEM. Just log back in and RESUME the download where you left off. No time wasted!
You can have many FTP SITE profile entries and you can have the downloaded files automatically run/load if you want.
Very simple & EZ to use.



It has built in caching support to speed up access to recently visited FTP folders. Easy to use options to customize the cache for your particular needs.

For a more complete description of the FTP TOOL, CLICK HERE.

Web Page Creation Features
If you have ever built a Web Page, you know that some programs are easier to use than others and when it comes down to it, there are a few good ones. The only problem is this, if you are making a Web Site of pictures, it becomes a BIG PAIN to make them.



For example: Let's say you went to Paris and wanted to put up on the Web, your vacation pics. Or let's say you have a new baby and you want everyone to see the new baby. It's a great way to communicate with long distance friends and family. The problem with making these types of Web Pages is that once you have more than 4 or 5 pics to put into the Web site, it becomes a time-consuming process. First you have to make thumbnails of all your images. Good luck finding a GOOD program to do that. BUT, even if you have one, the next step is to INSERT each pic into your HTML code and to assign a link to the ACTUAL full sized image. Now that's a LOT of typing.

With TurboView, all you have to do is to copy all the files into a separate folder and then type in a TITLE and DESCRIPTION and set the colors & text size the way you want it, then click a button and POOF, it's all done for you. All the thumbnails are created and all the HTML file(s) are created for you. You can even tell how many pics per page. As an example: TurboView can create a Web Site with 250 pics in about 64 seconds on a 450MHZ machine. Now THAT'S SMART!!!

For a more complete description of the WEB Page Creation, CLICK HERE.




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