TurboView HELP

Selecting Files or Items Using CTRL & SHIFT Keys

There are many places in TurboView that you can use the CTRL & SHIFT keys to HI-LITED more than one file/item. You can do this while loading files or while in the Files List Window to HI-LITE multiple files and in the Editors Options Window to select multiple file types at once. There are other places too.

Basically anywhere you can single click the mouse to HI-LITE one item, you can use the CTRL & SHIFT keys to select many items.  If you hold the CTRL key down, you can then click on many items and these items will also be HI-LITED. The SHIFT key works a little differently. Just HI-LITE one file, then hold down on the SHIFT key and then click on another item. Then ALL ITEMS in between will be HI-LITED.

NOTE: In the FILE OPEN dialog box, you can use the "+" key to indicate that you want ALL files<of the types chosen> to be loaded. DON'T use the quotes around the plus sign. Just use the plus sign all by itself.