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We at SMatters pride ourselves in delivering the best utility software of it's kind.  Each program is designed for a different task. Please evaluate each of our software packages and enjoy them.

If you are looking for a quick & dirty, superfast image file viewer for Windows, then look at our PHOTO JOCKEY program. It supports a variety of file types including .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, TGA, .WMF, .EMF, .ICO and so on. You can even click a button to delete a pic file for EZ folder cleanup. You can create Contact Sheets and create web pages from a folder of images. You can create a Photo Mosaic from a folder of thumbnail images. Removing red-eye is a snap. There is extensive image editing capabilities as well. It has extensive file management and database commenting of photos. And duplicate image searching. This is a powerful program with a simple interface.

Want a simple way to create a CD/DVD that has a main menu so that you can run programs or view files from? It's a way to organize all of your cool downloaded stuff and store it on a CD and then be able to navigate the CD and know what files do what. Menu Master is very handy

Ever want to has multiple virtual desktops? Each with it's own set of programs running? Each with their own wallpaper? Each with their own set of desktop icons? Each with their own screen resolution? Well, that's where the Virtual Desktop comes in handy.

Ever wanted a way to HIDE your images? For example: Let's say you have a picture of a prototype gadget that you are about to patent and you do NOT want anybody to see this photo. Well, you can use our IMAGE ENCRYPTION program that will encrypt the photo so that nobody can see the picture. Now, there's lots of systems out there that can do this, but what is UNIQUE about our system is that the encrypted file APPEARS NORMAL. IE: You can load it up into any viewing program and you WILL see a photo ;)) The photo you see is some fake photo that you choose. So basically the encrypted image file has TWO images in it. It has the encrypted image PLUS the fake photo that you select. So all the spy would see would be a flower for example. NO HINT that it's encrypted. Plus when YOU want to view it, it can provide you with a password hint in case you forgot your password. PLUS when it's decrypting so that it can display the real image on the screen, it's ALL DONE IN MEMORY so that no remnant temp files can be recovered at a later date by some spy.

If you use the HC Encoder program to encode videos, you know that it's super high quality, BUT it's a pain to set up all the INI and AVS configuration files. AND the HC Encoder program does NOT give you audio output. It only outputs an M2V video file. So, for video encoding or converting, the HC Encoder (HCenc_025) is something you would like to use but have to spend a lot of time tinkering around to get the final MPG output that you desire. That's where our HC Companion program comes into play. This is an easy to use interface that allows for audio and video encoding to produce a final mpg file with a simple click. PLUS IT CAN BATCH PROCESS A LIST OF VIDEOS. Plus you can rotate, crop or add borders to the videos and even change aspect ratios. Super high quality video encoding!!!!!!!

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